About Us

About Orange Heating

Orange Heating, Air Conditioning, And Refrigeration is a family run business operating in Orange, Tustin, Lake Forest, CA, and surrounding areas to provide the highest quality of services to our customers. As a member of the local community, it is important to us that we remain consistent in providing top quality service in the form of building trust through expert craftsmanship and customer service. We realize that your home or business needs a trustworthy partner to keep your heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration needs satisfied, and we are stepping up to the plate.

Above all, we value customer satisfaction and comfort. To us, satisfaction can be broken down into stellar customer service, flawless technician performance, and lasting product selection. Our goal is to provide peace of mind to all of our residential and commercial customers by providing a memorable and lasting experience. We work hard to provide heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration services that are both affordable and reliable.

We believe that your experience starts and ends with customer service. From the moment you reach out to us and make first contact, we will listen to your every need and advise you on the best moves you can make for your unique situations. We know that every customer is different and has specialized circumstances. It is our joy to work with so many different people, greeting you with a smile and working together to make your expectations become a reality.

Customer service is nothing without the actual work being flawless, however. Our organization is proud to be a Honeywell Pro and NATE certified C3 contractor and an IHACI member, and we are always learning to keep up with market trends. We know that your trust in an organization is vital to your satisfaction, and we will build this trust through simply doing our job without any errors. Our job is done thoroughly and professionally, and from the minute we walk through the door of your home or business, we treat your place as our own. This means we keep your safety in mind and strive to provide little to no interruption to your normal day to day. We are in and out as fast as we can, leaving behind a top notch job that will not need to be redone.

The last cornerstone of satisfaction is choosing the right products. When it comes down to it at the end of the day, the equipment that you are left with when we drive away is what you will remember us by. We only choose the best products for our customers because we know you deserve the best on the market. Home and business comfort is not something that should ever be compromised, and we make sure you never have to by working closely with top quality companies to source the best materials.

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