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An Alternative To Traditional Methods | Heat Pump Services In Orange, CA

Heat Pump Services In Orange, CA

Heat pumps are widely known to be an energy-efficient alternative to the traditional furnace or air conditioning solutions for maintaining your home climate, whether you have solar system or your home does not have access to natural gas. Heat pumps uses reverse flow in order to provide cooling or heating according to your temperature set points.

In short, they do this by taking heat from indoor spaces and transferring it outdoors, and vice versa. This whole process requires less energy amount of heating than cooling. If this is of interest to you, Orange Heating can provide support and information for heat pumps in Orange, Tustin, Lake Forest, CA, and surrounding areas.

Heat Pumps For Moderate Climate Control

Although heat pumps tend to be more energy-efficient than the typical heating and cooling equipment, they will heat your house gradually unlike gas furnaces that do it rapidly, due to the nature of their performance. In the summer, they take hot air from your house and move it outdoors, gently cooling your home. Likewise, in the winter, they remove heat from the cool air outside to warm the inside of your home. As you can imagine, the power used is less because the amount of heating that they do can also be smaller. If you are having trouble understanding what the best heating system for you is, Orange Hearing is an expert in many systems, including heat pumps in Orange, Tustin, Lake Forest, CA, and surrounding areas.

Experts You Can Trust

Heating is one of our specialties. Here at Orange Heating, we pride ourselves on staying up to speed on the latest innovations and newest technologies. We can then use this information to help customers in our local area. For instance, we can help client who need heat pump support in Orange, Tustin, Lake Forest, CA, and surrounding areas with all of their informational or practical requests. You can trust us to deliver you accurate information and advice on your home cooling and heating requirements because we are an industry leader and have the track record to prove it.

Knowledge Is Power

If you are unsure what kind of heating or cooling system would best fit your needs, an expert in the field can help you by providing suggestions and answering all of your heating and cooling questions. Orange Heating is one of these experts. As a Honeywell Pro and NATE certified C3 contractor and an IHACI member, we will consult with you to give you information on all of the available options that you have. You should eel confident standing behind a decision as important as your home comfort, and we aim to arm you with the information to do so. In addition to general support, we are also well versed in heat pump support in Orange, Tustin, Lake Forest, CA, and surrounding areas.

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Setting up a consultation appointment to learn more about this technology is as easy as making a simple phone call at any time of the day! Orange Heating is one of the industry experts in heat pump technologies in Orange, Tustin, Lake Forest, CA, and surrounding areas, so you know that you will be receiving a quality and informative consultation. Rest assured, whatever your service needs might be, we are waiting to assist you right away! Call us today at (714)-423-7892 to learn more! Contact us!